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Case Study of

Case Study


Buy Second Hand BooksCase Study: In March 2017, Ms. Neeru Sharma, The owner of Buy Second Hand Books contacted us through a family friend. She was facing a big problem that was the huge collection of books. She had about 16000 books in her collection and now she hadn’t place to store more books. She took a decision to sell those books at a good price but could not afford the big investment. Tradition business required a lot of investment. Like shop, employees and many monthly bills. SEO and SMO


Simply she wanted to start an online business means an E-Commerce website for second-hand books. It was the first official intimation with me. She gave me the whole sole responsibility of that website even she wanted that we decide the domain name too. SEO & SMO

Here I would like to mention (personal point of view), If somebody gave you whole sole responsibility then it’s like a very pressure situation. She didn’t leave any way to justify some failures. Because I am going to responsible for everything.

So let’s include few facts into the discussion (Case Study). Below see the whois data to prove the actual starting date of the website:

whois SEO and SMO



whois case study
Owner Name is Neeru Sharma


At the last of March 2017, we purchased the domain and start building the website. By the first week of April 2017, this website was ready for launch. So we live the website and start our SEO & SMO practices. That time site ranking and load time were too bad. see below:


Case Study buy second hand books seo and smo
Site Ranking on Alexa on April 09th 2017


We keep on working for next 3 months but we didn’t get any fruitful results:

Note: SEO & SMO Practices is taking normally 6 months time to show results.

From July 2017 situations were start changing slowly. We find very good organic traffic. Through many online social media platforms. Before July we barely crossed 10-50 visitors daily. See Below:-


Case Study April seo and smo


Case Study of buy second hand books


Buy Secondhand books traffic seo and smo


As you see above analysis of 3 months sessions are increasing month after month. In the first month, we get only 64 sessions, month it shows 450% better. In May 2017 we got 313 Sessions. In last month June 2017, we grow by more than 1000%. We got 3343 sessions.


Sorry folks, I know statistics are too boring but to prove the point it is really required data to talk. now which is 10/07/2017 current page view with its source is below

Case Study

If you see the time period of the work of SEO & SMO practices, its about 3 months and till the date we really prove ourselves. Thousands of page view in every day. This is called success and performance.

How we forget the main reason of crating this website? Ofcourse, It is selling books… Do we achieve this Goal?

Yes We are doing that too…

Last Few days Order Details… SEO and SMO




Book Orders
Order Page of the Website

Order Details


Almost every Alternate day we are receiving orders. And it’s been only 3 months. No expenses on advertisements. Pure and Organic traffic.


And yes Final Statics how could we forget its current ranking. Below again publishing its current Alexa ranking Please See the difference. SEO and SMO

Case Study for SEO and SMO
As per today 10/07/2017


Ok buddies, Thanks for giving me your precious time. If you like this case study please share it with your friends, on every social media platforms like facebook and twitter. Might be your share could change somebody’s whole idea of business. And yes, Might be I get a New Client 🙂

So For Any Query Feel Free to Contact Us

Starting an Online Business

3 Big fear of Starting Online Business

How to overcome your 3 fears of Starting Online Business

India is becoming Digital India but most of us are under fear to Digitalized their business. I know adopting a new idea is really very difficult. Most of us even know nothing about Starting Online Business.

We have developed few fears inside us, and that fear always stopping us to expand the business on the most powerful platform. First, we discuss few Common Fears that everyone facing now.

Fear 1#: Starting Online Business is too much expensive

This fear was actual fear 7 to 10 years back. During that period starting an Online business was really very expensive. It took lakhs to start.

But now seen is fully changed. You can start your online business in less than INR 10,000/- So first Drop this thought that going online is expensive. It is not. Starting Online Business

Fear 2#: I need to understand technical terms, Become expert First?

It is the main reason why most of us step backward and then after few more questions like

  • I don’t have time?
  • I don’t have enough money?
  • Does it work?

Basically, you are feeling uncomfortable because that is not your area of expertise. So you start making excuse.

I would like to tell you that professionals are running others business in so economical price like INR 5000/- to INR 10,000/- per month. They manage all technical and promotional issues professionally. Even they handle those issues too, what even you don’t know. At a very very low price.

They are professionally educated and experienced to taking these kind responsibilities. .Learn to Trust them. They will run your business professionally, on behalf of you like a Ghost. Starting Online Business

Fear 3#: What if I fail?

This fear is most entertaining and funny. Sir I would like to ask you just one simple question? what is at the stake? It is only INR 5000/- To INR/- 10,000/-. And we are talking about a whole new dimension of your business.

I think it is pointless to fear when you starting a new work. Technically nothing is at the stake and if nothing is at the stake, what is the point of fear.

Starting an Online Business

Why do Most of us not become a Successful Online Business Entrepreneur? Myth vs. Facts


First of all, we need to understand, Making website is a primary and essential step for the online business. That is not it. Starting Online Business

There are more than 100 online platforms, where you need to present regularly. Few of them are Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter. Basically, clients are on those successful and proven platforms. You need to divert your target audience from those platform on your website.

So you have to present on all platforms too. As well as you have to share your product and services on those platforms regularly, so they will come to you to buy anything.

Suppose you are running a fashion jewelry store, you have a Facebook page for it. Fashion industry changes every day. New designs, lucrative offers. Now suppose you are regularly updating all the things on your Facebook page and You have more than 5000 fans on your page. As you will share you any new design you will start selling from the same day. Because you are reaching to 5000 clients by a single click.

And it is only one platform, there are 100s other platforms too. What you just need to Hire an SMO (Social Media Optimization) expert and give him a responsibility to increase your fans, Simple. It will take a long time to create Clients, Approx 6 months to 1 year. But after that, you will never look back ever in your life.

Problem is we are doing online practices in a very wrong way and never be ready to give time to it. Everyone wants output instantly. That is why most of us facing failure. Starting Online Business

Success Story of Starting Online Business:

Buy Second Hand BooksHere I would like to tell about Ms. Neeru Sharma, The owner of Buy Second Hand Books contacted us through a family friend. She was facing a big problem that was the huge collection of books. She had about 16000 books in her collection and now she hadn’t place to store more books. She took a decision to sell those books at a good price but could not afford the big investment. Tradition business required a lot of investment. Like shop, employees and many monthly bills. Starting Online Business

She hired us, to remove her old stock but today picture has been changed. Now she is in the business of Second Hand Books. She starts buying again books to sell them online. In this very short time, she is selling more than INR 70,000/- per month worth books and earning good profit. And She is paying the only INR 9000/- per month to manage all her online activity. And every month her turnover is in increasing order.

To know Step by step details Click here to Read the Complete Case Study of SEO & SMO.


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Our Advice:

To all readers, it is a humble request do not start your online activities by your own. Because you might be best in your field but you should understand this that you cannot operate two businesses professionally at the same time. And the main fact is you are not the expert of online business. Simply hire an Online Expert who can assure you that he will place your business on the first page of Google, he will increase your fans on various social media platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn on affordable price. Starting Online Business

If you are on the first page of Google for few keywords, you are earning good enough. Do not even try to be an ONLINE EXPERT, hire them, distribute responsibility and accountability, Work as a team. Give time to grow your online business. You will not be regretted.