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Buy Second Hand BooksCase Study: In March 2017, Ms. Neeru Sharma, The owner of Buy Second Hand Books contacted us through a family friend. She was facing a big problem that was the huge collection of books. She had about 16000 books in her collection and now she hadn’t place to store more books. She took a decision to sell those books at a good price but could not afford the big investment. Tradition business required a lot of investment. Like shop, employees and many monthly bills. SEO and SMO


Simply she wanted to start an online business means an E-Commerce website for second-hand books. It was the first official intimation with me. She gave me the whole sole responsibility of that website even she wanted that we decide the domain name too. SEO & SMO

Here I would like to mention (personal point of view), If somebody gave you whole sole responsibility then it’s like a very pressure situation. She didn’t leave any way to justify some failures. Because I am going to responsible for everything.

So let’s include few facts into the discussion (Case Study). Below see the whois data to prove the actual starting date of the website:

whois SEO and SMO



whois case study
Owner Name is Neeru Sharma


At the last of March 2017, we purchased the domain and start building the website. By the first week of April 2017, this website was ready for launch. So we live the website and start our SEO & SMO practices. That time site ranking and load time were too bad. see below:


Case Study buy second hand books seo and smo
Site Ranking on Alexa on April 09th 2017


We keep on working for next 3 months but we didn’t get any fruitful results:

Note: SEO & SMO Practices is taking normally 6 months time to show results.

From July 2017 situations were start changing slowly. We find very good organic traffic. Through many online social media platforms. Before July we barely crossed 10-50 visitors daily. See Below:-


Case Study April seo and smo


Case Study of buy second hand books


Buy Secondhand books traffic seo and smo


As you see above analysis of 3 months sessions are increasing month after month. In the first month, we get only 64 sessions, month it shows 450% better. In May 2017 we got 313 Sessions. In last month June 2017, we grow by more than 1000%. We got 3343 sessions.


Sorry folks, I know statistics are too boring but to prove the point it is really required data to talk. now which is 10/07/2017 current page view with its source is below

Case Study

If you see the time period of the work of SEO & SMO practices, its about 3 months and till the date we really prove ourselves. Thousands of page view in every day. This is called success and performance.

How we forget the main reason of crating this website? Ofcourse, It is selling books… Do we achieve this Goal?

Yes We are doing that too…

Last Few days Order Details… SEO and SMO




Book Orders
Order Page of the Website

Order Details


Almost every Alternate day we are receiving orders. And it’s been only 3 months. No expenses on advertisements. Pure and Organic traffic.


And yes Final Statics how could we forget its current ranking. Below again publishing its current Alexa ranking Please See the difference. SEO and SMO

Case Study for SEO and SMO
As per today 10/07/2017


Ok buddies, Thanks for giving me your precious time. If you like this case study please share it with your friends, on every social media platforms like facebook and twitter. Might be your share could change somebody’s whole idea of business. And yes, Might be I get a New Client 🙂

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