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Fresh and Genuine Leads for Real Estate Agents

Leads for Real Estate AgentsDear Realtors, are you feeling intrigued and cheated when you hire some lead generation company? At starting they promised for thousands of leads every month but at the end, they fail to fulfill their promises. You lose money and time on a maximum of your lead generation experiments.  But you have to work and manage your sales team, So you have to keep on experimenting again and again to find a perfect way to produce leads. Here, we have a solution of Leads for Real Estate Agents.

Leads for Real Estate AgentsIf you are facing the same problem then we have a perfect solution for your problem. But here I would like to mention that we are not magicians. We will take your case after primary research work. Before taking any money, you have to tell us few details of your real estate projects. After that, we will consult all those details with our professionals. If we find that we are able to generate leads for you only then we will continue, otherwise, we will close our discussion at that point. Leads for Real Estate Agents

Back Story (Experiment)

We do not here just like that. We were running experiments with few real estate brokers in Noida and Noida Extension for past few 4 months. And at this point, we are generating leads for them regularly.  We don’t know the quality of leads but if every month they are renewing their plan with us and some of them are talking about half yearly and yearly plans payment plans to get some discount. Then we think they are getting fruitful leads. And 2 of them close their highly paid packages like 99acres and Magicbrics. We think we are doing well.

So after seeing all this now, we have launch our New product ‘Realtor Lead’ which is ready to capture the market.

Leads for Real Estate Agents

What we Assure

If our experts find your project fruitful in terms of the lead generation then we will commit minimum 30 to 40 project based leads per month and maximum depend on your budget. And we will assure you 80% or more success rate what we commit.

What if we fail to generate the lead?

Let’s understand this with an example- Suppose after research we commit you 50 Real Leads per month and any how we fail our commitment. Then we will work for you free unless we reach the goal.

Limitations of, Realtors Lead, Plan:

We cannot entertain more than 3 brokers for the same projects. Leads production is very limited and specific work and we believe in the quality of leads. So you can say it’s kind of monopoly for you for that project.


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What Should I Have to Pay?

First of all, we need a Website to run all the campaign with CMS panel so we can frequently change the data according to the market changing patterns of the market. That will cost Rs. 10,000/- One time. Per year Renewal of the website will be Rs. 4000/-. You can add up to 4 different projects in campaign. After that Rs. 1000/- Project.

Second, we will need Funds to run the online campaign and it will depend upon your budget. Minimum cost is Rs 6500/- per month.

S. No.ParticularsPrice (INR)
Website with CMS - One Time 10000
Minimum Package 6500




Website/Year 4000

If you have any Query

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Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Marketing Works – Powerful Add Tool

Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial Media marketing is rising and affordable advertising option now, especially for small business owners. It uses all social media platforms to promote any company which has some products or service on their websites. As well as its very useful for those who want to create their social images like Politian’s, potential employees, journalists, bloggers, and the general public. More likely we can say if someone wants to create its reputation among actual common people with their attention and engagement than Social Media Marketing (SMM) experts.

How Social Media Marketing (SMM) works?

Passive Approach

Social media marketing experts use all social media very cleverly and effectively. They allow all social media users to post user-generated contents like comments or product reviews without know them that’s it is the final motive of such campaign. Social media users share and like such contents like information but technically those contents are most effective and powerful advertisements.

Active Approach

SMM experts use Social Media as public relation but sometimes it’s not enough. They use direct marketing tools also to target very specific audiences. For example, if somebody running a local business of fish aquarium and beautiful fishes the target audience will be limited. He will target only a specific geographic condition and upper middle-income grade and higher income grade, people. If a student or lower income grade people see that advertisement, it’s kind of a waste of money of that business owner.

Social Media platforms have provision to filter target audiences so specific. So advertisements through social media platforms are always very fruitful for business owners. Get always high conversion rate and that is the final motive for why he is spending money.

SEO and SMM Packages in Affordable Price

Some Examples we don’t know it’s a kind of SMM or SMO:

Social Media MarketingBig Boss:

Big Boss is a reality show in India. I think Social media optimization plays a major role in its hit.  We saw, like, share, comment a lot on Rakhi Sawant and Kashmeera Shah’s catfight on all Social media platforms. As well as enjoyed so much Dolly Bindra’s “BAAP PE MAT JA” video. In present, we engage ourselves with Om Baba Controversies. We talked too much about Om Baba Merits and Demerits. When we talk about these controversies, we talked about BIG BOSS too.

Lays “Do us a Flavor” Contest

Lays runs “Do us a Flavor” contest where he asked common people for new flavor choices. People engage themselves, share their choices with lays. Cheesy Garlic Bread flavor is the result of this type of Social Media Marketing campaign.

Barack Obama Presidential Campaign:

During 2008 presidential campaign Barack Obama builds his relationship with millions of common people through more than 12 Social Media platforms. He earned more than 2.5 million Facebook supporters, more than 1.1 million Twitter followers and about 1.5 million hands from other platforms. All Social Media platforms gave him the access to every citizen’s e-mail address. Democratic Party ran their campaign with these e-mail addresses.

We all knew it was a big win. Before this 2008 campaign, I think nobody even heard the name of Barack Obama. Afer Obama Every one now knows very well the success story of Donal Trump and working force of Social Media Marketing behind the company.

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Why Now Is the Best Time to Start Online Business 2017-18

Today is the Best Time to Start Online Business

Are you still thinking what is the best time to start online business? Or should you hire some online marketing agency to increase your presence on several Search Engines like Google? So here as an Expert our simple answer is, yes.

A Big Yes.

Due to some movie effects, we have developed a hypothesis that starting an online business required too much technical knowledge or somewhere we think, It is extra ordinary expensive. I do not know what is your reason but surveys say that mass is increasing day by day online and many Governments in the world took initiated to introduce their people to the internet. start online business

A survey of Forbs presents a recent survey I am sharing below with you that online shopping habit is increasing insanely day by day. And if we still under some unknown fear that it will be a fail then I suggest you read this article fully and see the Forbs reports Published this week.

start online business

start online business


And we are thinking India is backward Country. Actually, It’s published today. And you are still planning and fearing weather set your business online or not.  More than 371 billion active users are available in India market. And you will surprise after knowing this, about 35% of above numbers are living in Rural. Numbers are increasing day by day. Online Market is expanding itself about 20% per year. I know you won’t believe me yet, let’s see another report. start online business


start online business

Now I think you start believing me. Still, you will be surprised after knowing this, some of our Web Designers setting a website with USA and UK based business, managing their business from here and earning in dollars. In simple word, they invest nothing, but they are running many services agency, local businesses and all time Indians ferrate Fake News Blogs and writing about International politics like Trump and Obama and earning tons of dollars.

But besides taking advantage of this situation we are still thinking that WHAT IS THE BEST TIME? Buddy, our population is our strength. Modi Govt. Running DIGITAL INDIA Program. Till 2024 no need to worry. It’s big time to establish your business.

How much Time it will take to establish an Online Business: start online business

It is the biggest question. It depends upon the competition of your business. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you are in clothing business or electronic appliances business. With this product category, you will face high competition because all biggest e-commerce websites are selling these products like Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart and much more. They are well established and many years old websites. And rank your website against them, is too much difficulty. So it will take at-least 6 to 12 months.

On the other hand, if you are running a business like Second-Hand books, your competition is very low because big players are not dealing in this segment. Here you will take only 2 to 3 months to establish your online business. start online business

How much Money I have to pay to Start Online Business:

Well if you starting the first time, I will suggest going with WordPress website. On this platform, you will need not to spend a lot of money. Even up to 700 to 1000 variety of product can be easily managed on this platform with good website speed.

Start Your Own Website for Almost Free

Remember This

Website designing is like you have set-up your business online. After setting up you have to properly propagate your business on several platforms. So you should hire an expert to make you visible on the first page of Google. If you are on the First page of Google means you are selling very good or generating very great leads. These experts do Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) for your website. And these practices place you on the first page of the Google. And never stop these practice otherwise you will be the flop at Online Platform. start online business

SEO and SMO Packages at Affordable Price

As well as if you need any kind of expert advice feel free to call me or WhatsApp me at +91 7982 632 576.

You can email me without any hesitation at info@smonow.com

I feel happy to help you. Have a great day…

Free Website Designing – Responsive & Dynamic

SMONow Offers Free Website Designing for 100 Clients:

Yes, you heard right, we are offering a Responsive 3-page free Website. It is free it does not mean it will not work. As well as, I would like to mention here that it is not a Micro Website too. It’s full flash complete website which tells your complete story. Like, your business/service details, your contact details, and your, place.

I know it sounds unbelievable but it is true Let us know some other Specification of website too:-

Designed by Professionals:

Your free website will does not mean a low quality of work. We assure you, your website will be designed by a person who had designed and designing for few medium brands of India. Due to Government’s “Digital India Campaign” he is willing to serve Free Labour for first 100 websites. It is on First come basis

Elegant but free Web Design: Free Website

Our Professional Expert make us available few professional looking themes too.


  • What is A Theme?

A theme is a pre-designed template, created by world class professionals. Means We will send you few website designs, So you can understand how your website will look like. You have full liberty to choose any of the design and we will make your website exactly same as sample design.

As well as we will use high Quality Stock Images that can convey your story so effectively.

Home Page + 2 inside page:  

Your free website will have total 3 pages, First is Home Page where you can tell the details of your business/service. The second page is About us Page, Here normally people tell their story and background and final Page is Contact us, Where you can share your contact details.

As well as we will integrate an Inquiry form too which will be directly linked to you E-mail Id. If someone would like to ask any question or any of your business details, he can ask you directly without calling you.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) makes your Website Visible: Free Website

Again one more thing. Whether we are not charging but still we create SEO optimized website. What SEO is doing, It makes your website searchable on different search engines. In simple words, we will tell Google in a machine language that you are somebody doing so and so work at XYZ place (Your Address). Your phone number and other contact details will be very easily found on Google.

Free Website

Please Read It for Better Understanding: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


For your information in normal terms if some website cost Rs. 10,000/- then the same website will cost at least approx Rs. 18,000 /- if it SEO Optimized

We are here assuring you that we will create a website with Minimum 3 keywords,  Submit your site to all Major Search Engines like Google. Create your XML site map and submit them to Google. Create meta description and create your robot.txt file and submit on Google too.

Content Management makes it Dynamic Website:  

The surprise is not over yet for you. We will integrate a WordPress Content Management Service (CMS) in your website too, so you can change any of your content from anywhere. In future, under any circumstances, you change your business, contact details or address you can edit every detail same day on your website. As well as if you want to add any product or service or reduce any product or service you can do that too so easily.

What We Require to design your Free Website?

To start website designing process we need few details:

  1. Your Logo
  2. Your Business name
  3. Expected Domain name (Give us 3 names)
  4. Your Details for About us Page (Your story or background details)
  5. Your Details for Contact us Page (Address, Contact details)

Our Financial Requirments:

Here you might be feeling some disappointment from us. If website designing is free, then how it involves money in it. We offer free website designing by professional and expert and our stand is very clear. But there are some expenses which we required to purchase from others. Let us explain you this with an example: Free Website

Suppose you want to build a house on some land. So you need to purchase a land first. Then to build the house you required Building material like cement, bricks sand etc. and as well as you need skilled labor who build your house. In our case, We need a domain name, which you can understand as building material and another one is hosting, which is like a land in our context where any website is created. Hosting is like a base.  We have to purchase these two things from the 3rd party like Godaddy and Hostgator. And it is not expensive. It is available at a very Nominal price. We offer 3rd part which is skilled labor, absolutely free. Please see the minimum costing too-

Table 1

Cost sheet For Free website Designing


On the other hand, if you want to increase the number of pages or you want few extra Facility then you can get that too. See table – 2:

Table 2

Cost sheet Web Designing


White Board Animation Makes you Brand:

There are few more things too which can glorify your website and your business. If you add few more things to your website it will look like a Nation Level Business organization. Out of many things, one is a Personalised animated advertisement. We are sharing an Example of Please Watch it too:


It is a Play School Animated Advertisement created by us. If you would like to make this kind of professional looking ad then you can. We charge Rs. 3,000/- for 45 seconds Video.  Its cost is variable according to the length of the video.


Read Also: A  Step by step Success Story of a Website Buy Second Hand Books, We created it.

And Visit that website too: Buy Second Hand Books


If you have any kind of query then you can call us at +91 7982 632 576

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you puzzled why your website does show on Google search? Even you type the full name of your website and Google search unable to find your site? It means Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not done yet for your website.

If people cannot find your site on any search engine then what is the point to design that website. Normally websites is another powerful method to grow your business so you should take care that your target audience can find easily your website

In simple words, search engine optimization (SEO) is a process for your website to increase visibility among all the search engines. So you can get unpaid traffic on your website. Unpaid traffic means “Natural” or “Organic” or “earned” results, all are the same things.  More your site will appear in search engine results in more visitors or traffic you will earn. It increases the possibility to convert your visitors into your clients.

Here I am sharing some of the basic and most powerful techniques of a decent SEO:

5 Powerful Techniques of Search engine optimization (SEO):

First, if you should understand if your website has a lot of pages then it will take at-least 6 months to show on different search engines and if you have small websites with 5 to 10 pages might be it will take 2 to 3 months. Now concentrate on basics of SEO:


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1- Correct Domain Name:

Any search engine saw it first so it is most important that your sites should have a relevant name. Suppose you are dealing in Natural Gems but your domain name doesn’t include the word Gems then it is tuff for the search engines to find your website for those who are looking for natural gems.

I am not saying that search engines will never relate your website for natural gems results but it will be more difficult to rank high for the irrelevant domain name. If a little change can help then you should adopt an easy way, what is the point in making way difficult. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2- Keywords: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another most basic and important thing that we always missed during creating websites are the appropriate keywords. A keyword is a term or bench of few words that anyone is writing on a search engine to find the answer. Like if you are looking Natural Gems, you will write simply natural gems on google search engine.

So, you should do proper research before you write contents on your site. Let’s understand it with an example. Suppose you have a blog on the topic, getting money online. What keywords are suitable for your blog?  Make money online or earn money online or getting paid to work online isn’t…

Now research for less competitive keywords and use that particular keyword on all over the website. As above paragraph, we talked 3 keywords having the same meaning but Earn money online has less competition so it’s better to go with” Earn Money Online” keyword. This keyword will rank you easily in search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3- Get Indexed/Submit Url

From this point some professional knowledge required. Getting indexed is just like admission process of your child in and primary school. You go to school take admission for, the full name of your child, sex, date of birth etc and submit your form in admission department of the school.

Same, for your websites, go to Google, Bing and Yahoo webmaster and submit all the details of your website and get indexed. If you Google or any other search engine don’t know who you are, then how he can tell anybody about your website. So indexing of website is most important for your visibility and you should index it as many search engines as you can.


Must Watch the Video to Have a Better Understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):


4- Crawling your website: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As I mentioned above, it requires more expert attention. It is like your child now big enough to switch from school to college. That means he did some work and he has few certificates, which copies he has to submit in college to go on one higher level.

Same when you did some work on your website you should crawl your website sitemap on different webmasters like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. A sitemap is a bunch of urls. You should create an account on different webmaster and submit every url one by one.

As you submit webmaster will show status pending, don’t worries it will take about one or two weeks to be confirmed. After it when you will update your site, search engines will be updated automatically, you need not crawl every time. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

5- Build Backlinks:

It is one of the easiest and most difficult work. First, understand what is backlinks? If some other sites refer your site to any kind of content and your Url or your site address has posted on that site than a search engine will think that there is something important on your site that’s why another site is referring his visitor, on your site. When many websites referring your website search engines will show you on top results.

While creating backlinks you should remember one important fact that you have to create backlinks on same nature of websites. For example, if the website about earns money online than backlinks should be posted on other earn money online website, not just any random site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So I think now you knew some of the basics of Search Engine Optimization. Here you should know one thing that if you have a small website then you can try to do Search Engine Optimization work by your own, sometimes for a blog, it can be work. But if you are running a business and want to sell any product or service don’t do it by yourself. Hire an expert, you won’t be regretted. He will create your brand reputation as well. We are providing SEO related services too. So if you like we can help you. For any query, you can ask us in the comment section.

At last, we can say A Good Web site, Sells & Generate Leads. If you are looking for Web Developer or SEO & SMO expert Please VISIT US

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Case Study of Buy Second Hand Books

Case Study of buysecondhandbook.com

Case Study


Buy Second Hand BooksCase Study: In March 2017, Ms. Neeru Sharma, The owner of Buy Second Hand Books contacted us through a family friend. She was facing a big problem that was the huge collection of books. She had about 16000 books in her collection and now she hadn’t place to store more books. She took a decision to sell those books at a good price but could not afford the big investment. Tradition business required a lot of investment. Like shop, employees and many monthly bills. SEO and SMO


Simply she wanted to start an online business means an E-Commerce website for second-hand books. It was the first official intimation with me. She gave me the whole sole responsibility of that website even she wanted that we decide the domain name too. SEO & SMO

Here I would like to mention (personal point of view), If somebody gave you whole sole responsibility then it’s like a very pressure situation. She didn’t leave any way to justify some failures. Because I am going to responsible for everything.

So let’s include few facts into the discussion (Case Study). Below see the whois data to prove the actual starting date of the website:

whois buysecondhandbook.com SEO and SMO



whois case study
Owner Name is Neeru Sharma


At the last of March 2017, we purchased the domain and start building the website. By the first week of April 2017, this website was ready for launch. So we live the website and start our SEO & SMO practices. That time site ranking and load time were too bad. see below:


Case Study buy second hand books seo and smo
Site Ranking on Alexa on April 09th 2017


We keep on working for next 3 months but we didn’t get any fruitful results:

Note: SEO & SMO Practices is taking normally 6 months time to show results.

From July 2017 situations were start changing slowly. We find very good organic traffic. Through many online social media platforms. Before July we barely crossed 10-50 visitors daily. See Below:-


Case Study April seo and smo


Case Study of buy second hand books


Buy Secondhand books traffic seo and smo


As you see above analysis of 3 months sessions are increasing month after month. In the first month, we get only 64 sessions, month it shows 450% better. In May 2017 we got 313 Sessions. In last month June 2017, we grow by more than 1000%. We got 3343 sessions.


Sorry folks, I know statistics are too boring but to prove the point it is really required data to talk. now which is 10/07/2017 current page view with its source is below

Case Study

If you see the time period of the work of SEO & SMO practices, its about 3 months and till the date we really prove ourselves. Thousands of page view in every day. This is called success and performance.

How we forget the main reason of crating this website? Ofcourse, It is selling books… Do we achieve this Goal?

Yes We are doing that too…

Last Few days Order Details… SEO and SMO




Book Orders
Order Page of the Website

Order Details


Almost every Alternate day we are receiving orders. And it’s been only 3 months. No expenses on advertisements. Pure and Organic traffic.


And yes Final Statics how could we forget its current ranking. Below again publishing its current Alexa ranking Please See the difference. SEO and SMO

Case Study for SEO and SMO
As per today 10/07/2017


Ok buddies, Thanks for giving me your precious time. If you like this case study please share it with your friends, on every social media platforms like facebook and twitter. Might be your share could change somebody’s whole idea of business. And yes, Might be I get a New Client 🙂

So For Any Query Feel Free to Contact Us

Starting an Online Business

3 Big fear of Starting Online Business

How to overcome your 3 fears of Starting Online Business

India is becoming Digital India but most of us are under fear to Digitalized their business. I know adopting a new idea is really very difficult. Most of us even know nothing about Starting Online Business.

We have developed few fears inside us, and that fear always stopping us to expand the business on the most powerful platform. First, we discuss few Common Fears that everyone facing now.

Fear 1#: Starting Online Business is too much expensive

This fear was actual fear 7 to 10 years back. During that period starting an Online business was really very expensive. It took lakhs to start.

But now seen is fully changed. You can start your online business in less than INR 10,000/- So first Drop this thought that going online is expensive. It is not. Starting Online Business

Fear 2#: I need to understand technical terms, Become expert First?

It is the main reason why most of us step backward and then after few more questions like

  • I don’t have time?
  • I don’t have enough money?
  • Does it work?

Basically, you are feeling uncomfortable because that is not your area of expertise. So you start making excuse.

I would like to tell you that professionals are running others business in so economical price like INR 5000/- to INR 10,000/- per month. They manage all technical and promotional issues professionally. Even they handle those issues too, what even you don’t know. At a very very low price.

They are professionally educated and experienced to taking these kind responsibilities. .Learn to Trust them. They will run your business professionally, on behalf of you like a Ghost. Starting Online Business

Fear 3#: What if I fail?

This fear is most entertaining and funny. Sir I would like to ask you just one simple question? what is at the stake? It is only INR 5000/- To INR/- 10,000/-. And we are talking about a whole new dimension of your business.

I think it is pointless to fear when you starting a new work. Technically nothing is at the stake and if nothing is at the stake, what is the point of fear.

Starting an Online Business

Why do Most of us not become a Successful Online Business Entrepreneur? Myth vs. Facts


First of all, we need to understand, Making website is a primary and essential step for the online business. That is not it. Starting Online Business

There are more than 100 online platforms, where you need to present regularly. Few of them are Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter. Basically, clients are on those successful and proven platforms. You need to divert your target audience from those platform on your website.

So you have to present on all platforms too. As well as you have to share your product and services on those platforms regularly, so they will come to you to buy anything.

Suppose you are running a fashion jewelry store, you have a Facebook page for it. Fashion industry changes every day. New designs, lucrative offers. Now suppose you are regularly updating all the things on your Facebook page and You have more than 5000 fans on your page. As you will share you any new design you will start selling from the same day. Because you are reaching to 5000 clients by a single click.

And it is only one platform, there are 100s other platforms too. What you just need to Hire an SMO (Social Media Optimization) expert and give him a responsibility to increase your fans, Simple. It will take a long time to create Clients, Approx 6 months to 1 year. But after that, you will never look back ever in your life.

Problem is we are doing online practices in a very wrong way and never be ready to give time to it. Everyone wants output instantly. That is why most of us facing failure. Starting Online Business

Success Story of Starting Online Business:

Buy Second Hand BooksHere I would like to tell about Ms. Neeru Sharma, The owner of Buy Second Hand Books contacted us through a family friend. She was facing a big problem that was the huge collection of books. She had about 16000 books in her collection and now she hadn’t place to store more books. She took a decision to sell those books at a good price but could not afford the big investment. Tradition business required a lot of investment. Like shop, employees and many monthly bills. Starting Online Business

She hired us, to remove her old stock but today picture has been changed. Now she is in the business of Second Hand Books. She starts buying again books to sell them online. In this very short time, she is selling more than INR 70,000/- per month worth books and earning good profit. And She is paying the only INR 9000/- per month to manage all her online activity. And every month her turnover is in increasing order.

To know Step by step details Click here to Read the Complete Case Study of SEO & SMO.


Web Designing Offer smonow

Our Advice:

To all readers, it is a humble request do not start your online activities by your own. Because you might be best in your field but you should understand this that you cannot operate two businesses professionally at the same time. And the main fact is you are not the expert of online business. Simply hire an Online Expert who can assure you that he will place your business on the first page of Google, he will increase your fans on various social media platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn on affordable price. Starting Online Business

If you are on the first page of Google for few keywords, you are earning good enough. Do not even try to be an ONLINE EXPERT, hire them, distribute responsibility and accountability, Work as a team. Give time to grow your online business. You will not be regretted.