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Leads for Real Estate Agents

Fresh and Genuine Leads for Real Estate Agents

Leads for Real Estate AgentsDear Realtors, are you feeling intrigued and cheated when you hire some lead generation company? At starting they promised for thousands of leads every month but at the end, they fail to fulfill their promises. You lose money and time on a maximum of your lead generation experiments.  But you have to work and manage your sales team, So you have to keep on experimenting again and again to find a perfect way to produce leads. Here, we have a solution of Leads for Real Estate Agents.

Leads for Real Estate AgentsIf you are facing the same problem then we have a perfect solution for your problem. But here I would like to mention that we are not magicians. We will take your case after primary research work. Before taking any money, you have to tell us few details of your real estate projects. After that, we will consult all those details with our professionals. If we find that we are able to generate leads for you only then we will continue, otherwise, we will close our discussion at that point. Leads for Real Estate Agents

Back Story (Experiment)

We do not here just like that. We were running experiments with few real estate brokers in Noida and Noida Extension for past few 4 months. And at this point, we are generating leads for them regularly.  We don’t know the quality of leads but if every month they are renewing their plan with us and some of them are talking about half yearly and yearly plans payment plans to get some discount. Then we think they are getting fruitful leads. And 2 of them close their highly paid packages like 99acres and Magicbrics. We think we are doing well.

So after seeing all this now, we have launch our New product ‘Realtor Lead’ which is ready to capture the market.

Leads for Real Estate Agents

What we Assure

If our experts find your project fruitful in terms of the lead generation then we will commit minimum 30 to 40 project based leads per month and maximum depend on your budget. And we will assure you 80% or more success rate what we commit.

What if we fail to generate the lead?

Let’s understand this with an example- Suppose after research we commit you 50 Real Leads per month and any how we fail our commitment. Then we will work for you free unless we reach the goal.

Limitations of, Realtors Lead, Plan:

We cannot entertain more than 3 brokers for the same projects. Leads production is very limited and specific work and we believe in the quality of leads. So you can say it’s kind of monopoly for you for that project.


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What Should I Have to Pay?

First of all, we need a Website to run all the campaign with CMS panel so we can frequently change the data according to the market changing patterns of the market. That will cost Rs. 10,000/- One time. Per year Renewal of the website will be Rs. 4000/-. You can add up to 4 different projects in campaign. After that Rs. 1000/- Project.

Second, we will need Funds to run the online campaign and it will depend upon your budget. Minimum cost is Rs 6500/- per month.

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