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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial Media marketing is rising and affordable advertising option now, especially for small business owners. It uses all social media platforms to promote any company which has some products or service on their websites. As well as its very useful for those who want to create their social images like Politian’s, potential employees, journalists, bloggers, and the general public. More likely we can say if someone wants to create its reputation among actual common people with their attention and engagement than Social Media Marketing (SMM) experts.

How Social Media Marketing (SMM) works?

Passive Approach

Social media marketing experts use all social media very cleverly and effectively. They allow all social media users to post user-generated contents like comments or product reviews without know them that’s it is the final motive of such campaign. Social media users share and like such contents like information but technically those contents are most effective and powerful advertisements.

Active Approach

SMM experts use Social Media as public relation but sometimes it’s not enough. They use direct marketing tools also to target very specific audiences. For example, if somebody running a local business of fish aquarium and beautiful fishes the target audience will be limited. He will target only a specific geographic condition and upper middle-income grade and higher income grade, people. If a student or lower income grade people see that advertisement, it’s kind of a waste of money of that business owner.

Social Media platforms have provision to filter target audiences so specific. So advertisements through social media platforms are always very fruitful for business owners. Get always high conversion rate and that is the final motive for why he is spending money.

SEO and SMM Packages in Affordable Price

Some Examples we don’t know it’s a kind of SMM or SMO:

Social Media MarketingBig Boss:

Big Boss is a reality show in India. I think Social media optimization plays a major role in its hit.  We saw, like, share, comment a lot on Rakhi Sawant and Kashmeera Shah’s catfight on all Social media platforms. As well as enjoyed so much Dolly Bindra’s “BAAP PE MAT JA” video. In present, we engage ourselves with Om Baba Controversies. We talked too much about Om Baba Merits and Demerits. When we talk about these controversies, we talked about BIG BOSS too.

Lays “Do us a Flavor” Contest

Lays runs “Do us a Flavor” contest where he asked common people for new flavor choices. People engage themselves, share their choices with lays. Cheesy Garlic Bread flavor is the result of this type of Social Media Marketing campaign.

Barack Obama Presidential Campaign:

During 2008 presidential campaign Barack Obama builds his relationship with millions of common people through more than 12 Social Media platforms. He earned more than 2.5 million Facebook supporters, more than 1.1 million Twitter followers and about 1.5 million hands from other platforms. All Social Media platforms gave him the access to every citizen’s e-mail address. Democratic Party ran their campaign with these e-mail addresses.

We all knew it was a big win. Before this 2008 campaign, I think nobody even heard the name of Barack Obama. Afer Obama Every one now knows very well the success story of Donal Trump and working force of Social Media Marketing behind the company.

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