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We are discussing here the success story of We witness honest work must be recognized by Google

Ecommerce SEO Case Study

Here I would like to tell about Mrs. Neeru Sharma, The owner of Buy Second Hand Books contacted us through a family friend. She was facing a big problem that was the huge collection of books. She had about 16000 books in her collection and now she hadn’t place to store more books. She took a decision to sell those books at a good price but could not afford the big investment. Tradition business required a lot of investment. Like shop, employees and many monthly bills.

Ruchi Sharma adviced her to launch an E-commerce website with her collection. After that, we Design this website, but after about a couple of months, she did not get any order from the website. The problem was as it was. She discussed us again and we suggest her to start with a small package of SEO.

She agreed and we started SEO & SMO of this project on the cost $85/month. It was an extremely low budget for an e-commerce website but we took that as a case study. After approx 15th months for SEO work, Now we can proudly say that it is one of the leading book’s websites in India and about 30% products are on shown above Amazon in search results and about 35% of products are just below then Amazon but most of the products are on the first page of Google and shown in top 5 results.

Project summary An SEO Case Study Example

First of all, we clear-cut know that we can never outrank years old well-established book brands. The already grabbed the most of the market. In this situation working this low kind of budget was itself a challenge. But somehow we got success to create a strategy which kept us aside from competition & give us chance to work in peace.

The SEO Strategy & TRICS

As we mentioned above it must become the biggest mistake if we are going to fight with other well-established online bookstores. We can not play on their conditions means on their keywords. If we want to make a place in the market then we have to play totally differently, which nobody can imagine. We chose a very time taking but extremely solid methods, which are:


  • We totally ignore off-page SEO for a long time. We list every product as a highly SEO optimized Post.
  • We adopt long tail keywords mainly book name. We ignore buy second-hand books type keywords, We focus on the page with more than a thousand keywords which were book names. Normally client search books, not websites. So this strategy worked for us.
  • When we were getting some traffic then we started Off-page SEO too with those high competition keywords.
  • We always offer discount coupons and if somebody forgets to use the coupons then we call them and return their money to their bank accounts with proper accountability. Honestly Always work.
  • We focus more on returning clients, If someone buys something from us we start following them through emails and WhatsApp groups. So after a year, we have fewer visitors but very high conversion rate.

Proven Results

We can not share real sales statistic with all of you just because of Non-disclosure Agreement and Privacy Clause, but we can tell you one thing, Our starting was extremely slow. At the completion of the first year of the website which was March 2018, we calculated our yearly sales and in April 2018 we achieve more than 50% sales of last whole year sales. And Since then this statistics is repeating every month with a little bit additions. By the time means September 2018 (6 months) we have already achieved 355% growth in comparison with last year turnover.


Search Traffic


Conversion Rate


Top 5 Keywords


Growth Yearly

One thing I understand from my experience that we can not cheat Search Engines like Google in a long run. The algorithm is updating day by day, due to cheating practices of SEO work. if you want a long-term online business platform then ask your SEO agency to be Honest. If you do so, After a while you will see you are on the top of Search Engines. So be honest. Ajay Shukla

Founder, SMONow

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